New Art “Hope”

New art “Hope” How It Was Made:

I’ve been working on this bowl for over a month and it is now complete.  It takes time to go through the processes as well as allow for drying and firing.  Here’s a little about the process I went through for making this bowl.  These are the steps I took in order of performing them: throw form, trim base, use molds to add shells, carve in lines, scratch in lines, stamp in details, brush on under-glaze, bisque fire, put stain in details, brush on colored glazes, cover all with clear glaze, glaze fire. ⠀

I’m more of a painter than a ceramic artist and I find that the way I draw and paint has a lot of influence on how I created this bowl. The carved lines look the way I make lines when I create a sketch.  The glazing and under-glazing technique is influenced by how I paint.  I’m using the colors to create a brushy and mottled look.

The Meaning Behind the Art:

When you look go down into the depths, when you have sunk down and are at the very bottom, may you find hope there with you. ⠀

Meaning in this new art “Hope”: I created this piece with the idea that when we get to a very low place in our lives, metaphorically finding oneself at the bottom of the ocean, there is still hope there.  While we are living hope is with us.  I came to the idea of this piece through several instances where I wanted to give hope to someone.  Although I cannot literally give another person hope I can give the word hope.  As you view this I also pass the word hope to you.  It is there in the bottom.


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