Lighting and Values

I’m currently studying lighting and values in painting.  I’m working on comparing light and dark areas on still life and landscape scenes.  I’m working on the idea phase towards my next group of paintings.  

I start by creating an under-painting in one dark color such a brown or purple.  To focus on the lights and shadows I paint in the dark areas more thickly and I thin out the paint in the light areas.  This lets the white of the gesso show through.

After the under-painting is complete I add the colors over this, being sure to keep the light, medium and dark values I have already put down. I work over the under-painting of values while it is still wet.  I allow all the paint to blend together.


2019-11-11 Dropper with Shadow
2019-11-12 Persimmons with Pewter
2019-11-13 Avacados
2019-11-13 Glass of Water
2019-11-14 Glass of Water II
2019-11-18 Bluebird Inn View from Room 18
2019-11-21 Still Life from Reference (Not For Sale)
2019-11-23 Still Life from Reference (Not For Sale)
2019-11-23 Zion
2019-11-30 Persimmons on Sweater (detail view)
2019-11 Moonstone Beach in Avila - Rainy Day

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